We are the longest running NSU Club anywhere in the world. Quite an achievement. Thanks to the support and help from all members past and present.


The club was formed in 1961. A Letter was sent out to all motor magazines asking for anyone interested in forming a club for NSUs to get in touch with our founder Roger Peacock. Motorsport was the only magazine to publish the letter and fromthere the NSU Prinz Owners Club was formed at a meeting in Shaftesbury on 7th October 1961. The word ‘Prinz’ was dropped from the title around 1967 and has remained NSU Owners Club ever since. At first the annual subscription was enough stamps to pay for your newsletters. After the first AGM at The Kings Arms, Dorchester the subscription was 10/-. In 1965 there were 180 members - in 1971 we had around 300 members. Nowadays membership stands at 160 plus quite a few overseas members. Meetings in those days consisted of visits to stately homes, economy runs and weekends at various hotels around the country. I seem to remember a group going to the NSU campsite Lido in Italy. Most of the meetings were well attended - even the AGMs had reasonable turnouts! Various ‘sections’ of the club were formed. There was a large Essex section at one time but all reverted to the main club largely through lack of someone to organize things. The ‘Surrey’ section began their monthly pub meets way back in the ‘70s and invited anyone from anywhere to join in and these are still going today. Sometimes there are a number of cars at these meets (one memorable occasion we had 20) and sometimes only one turns up, but the dates and invitation to all are still there, proving that 61 years on there is still life in the NSUOC. If only we could get a few more ‘local’ meets in other parts of the Country.

Once a year there is an International meeting (Treffen) where NSU enthusiasts from all over the world meet, and if there is enough interest we also organise our own trips away.

We can supply most mechanical parts for the majority of car models, even many new remanufactured items, and have contacts who can supply many of the motorcycle spares. If we don’t have the parts we can usually find someone who has.

We have a small but enthusiastic bike section, which we are trying to encourage out of their garages.

If you require technical advice we have advisors who will be able to help. They are usually ex NSU mechanics, so will be able to tell you EXACTLY where to hit it with a hammer.

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